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Five Star Auctions & Appraisals provides various auctions and antique collections from around the world, with up-to-date timely reports on worldwide auction information and news. We also provide a convenient platform for antique lovers to exchange and gather information.

If you have antiques you would like us to sell on your behalf, or if you would like to receive an appraisal, please contact us today.

Welcome to Five Star Auctions & Appraisals. We have relocated. Our new 5000ft² location consist of the newly open Toronto Antique Centre and our very own Auction House. Our next Auction will be held on June 12th 2016. It will be a mid- year grand auction that includes top quality jewelry, jadeite, amber and wooden sculptures, porcelain, and many other exquisite selected boutique items.

                                 Our new auction can be bid online at

As always, thank you for your support in Five Star Auctions & Appraisals and we wish you good luck with your bidding, whether bidding online or live in person at our new location.